About us


The PaddleMate is a performance measurement system specifically developed for paddle sports to objectively measure, track and improve the sport performance.

Our solution was designed for paddle athlethes at all levels that want to track, monitor, compare, share and benchmark their performance metrics to improve their performance over time. The device is suitable for athlethes of all ages and levels, from talents to professionals.

Our mission to support all youth and professional paddle athletes in achieving their goals, even in winning the Olympic gold medal by using our state-of-the-art technology!

Our vision is to enable all paddle enthusiasts around the world to objectively track their sport activities and to be the part of a supporting community.

The PaddleMate Team

Attila Schultz

managing director

Electronics and software development are both my hobby and my job. My wife was a national team kayaker who, as a coach now helps young athletes achieve their goals. From the technological demands she experienced, the idea of the PaddleMate was born in my head. After creating the first prototype, I redesigned my life to develop a product that could contribute to improving the performance of paddle sports around the world.

Attila Bajári

Chief Financial Officer

I have been playing sports regularly since I was a child. In recent years I have found the challenge in ultrarunning that binds me both physically and mentally. At the PaddleMate team, I am responsible for business development and financial processes, and I try to draw ideas for ourselves from the digital solutions used in running.

Dávid Mizser

Chief Technology Officer

Growing up by the Danube, it was inevitable that I would not do any water sports. I have been competitively kayaking for 10 years, which is a hobby that remains to this day as a part of my life. As a mechanical engineer, I develop products not only as a professional, but also as a user.