PaddleMate’s Sensors

With you on the water

Quick and easy installation

Glue it up

Look at the center line of the blade (where it is the widest) and glue the BASE perpendicular between the grip and the blade with the glue in the package.

Wait for 5 minutes

For the BASE to set perfectly, the glue must dry for at least 5 minutes.

Calibrate it

Lay the paddle on the table, start the calibration in the app and follow the instructions. You will also need a weight!

Pull with

You're done, head for the water!
Pull and ride!


The paddle and oar-mounted sensor is built out of the BASE and the POD.

The BASE is the force detecting unit which is glued to the shaft. It stores the paddle/oar calibration and characteristics. You need a BASE for each paddle/oar but you can use the same POD.

The POD is the brain. It transmits data to your phone or TRACKER via Bluetooth. The system is designed to be portable so if you have multiple paddles/oars, you just grab the POD and snap it into the BASE on it. The POD sensor measures the pulling force, stroke rate, symmetry and shows every stroke’s force curves.



The DOCK is used to carry and charge the POD. It is compatible with any charger adapters and USB-C cable (cable is also included in the box set). Charging time for the POD is 1 hour and it is enough for 5 hours of running time.


It also consists of two parts.

The bottom should be glued to the boat and the TRACKER itself should be placed in it so that it will be firmly attached.

It measures boat or board speed and position. Combined with the POD, it provides more complex data collecting. A Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor can also be connected to the TRACKER. Its Live data streaming function allows coaches immediate intervention.